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Cavaliero & Associates is a boutique law firm highly specialised in all legal matters related to sports, media and entertainment industry that provides tailored advice to its clients.

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Cavaliero & Associates was founded by Marc Cavaliero, LL.M., a Swiss-trained Attorney-At-Law, who has been active in sports, media and entertainment law for more than a decade.

As a highly specialised boutique law firm, Cavaliero & Associates provides comprehensive legal services and advice to all stakeholders in the sports, media and entertainment industry: clubs, federations, athletes, coaches, intermediaries, sponsors, event organisers, media companies, broadcasters, image right companies, TV rights holders, marketing agencies and match agents.

The team of Cavaliero & Associates has an extensive knowledge in all legal, economic and political aspects of the sports, media and entertainment industry, with a particular focus on sports litigation and party representation in front of the Court of Arbitration for Sport, the Swiss Federal Tribunal and decision-making bodies of international sports federations, governance matters or drafting of regulations and contracts.

Due to the vast experience of the team, Cavaliero & Associates is equally specialised to assist in commercial litigation and arbitration and to provide high-quality advice on all general contractual, corporate and commercial law matters.

Cavaliero & Associates stands for first-class and personalised legal advice, bringing high-quality and sustainable benefits to its clients. The relationships between Cavaliero & Associates and its clients are long-term, strategic partnerships based on mutual trust, competence, confidentiality, high ethical standards and a solution-oriented, pragmatic approach.​

Cavaliero & Associates offers a trustworthy strategic legal team that will allow all its clients to succeed in the fast-paced sports and entertainment industries.