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We provide a full range of legal advice in the media and entertainment industry, including regulatory matters, dispute resolution, competition law, data protection, sponsoring, advertising, TV and media rights, image rights and intellectual property rights.

We advise broadcasters, media companies, TV rights holders, event organisers, sponsors, athletes, clubs, federations, artists, authors, actors and composers.

Specifically, our areas of expertise include:

  • Drafting and negotiation of commercial agreements (sponsoring contracts, media and TV rights agreements, host broadcasting agreements, licensing agreements, agency agreements, services agreements, general terms and conditions);
  • Providing regulatory advice and legal assistance in advertising, marketing and event organisation, with a particular focus on data protection, intellectual property and competition law;
  • Providing regulatory advice and legal assistance in the sectors of social media, new media and information technology (drafting of commercial agreements, regulatory advice, data protection, personality rights, intellectual property);
  • Representation in proceedings in front of the Swiss Commission on Fair Advertising;
  • Registration and protection of intellectual property rights and protection of personality rights;
  • Litigation and dispute resolution in front of arbitral tribunals, state courts and administrative authorities.
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